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Designed to eliminate guesswork, this high-tech thermometer uses infrared technology to precisely gauge the temperature of your cooking surface.This infrared thermometer is great for both outdoor and indoor cooking.The Fluke FoodPro Plus combines an infrared non-contact thermometer for surface scans with a probe thermometer for internal temperature readings.The short answer to what is an infrared thermometer is that it is a contactless temperature reader.

Infrared thermometers are a very useful tool for a lot of people.Answer: An infrared thermometer measures SURFACE temperature my measuring from a distance (i.e. without touching the surface) with a hand held device, the infra-red emissions that emanate from that surface.

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The top selling model on Amazon is the Kintrex IRT0421 which gets high praise from experts and homeowners alike in reviews.But an infrared thermometer is actually a useful tool that can help novice cooks familiarize themselves with cooking temperatures.Infrared-sensing thermometers measure the energy radiated from a warm surface and convert it to a temperature reading.The heavy-duty Taylor Infrared was the only thermometer we tested that had dual temperature functions.Touching the ear drum could damage it, so an infrared thermometer measures its temperature from close by--less than an inch away.

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The science is a little complicated, but the important thing is that it measures from a distance.

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This reads from -58 to 572 degrees, so you can use it for all of your cooking.

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Chefs also use these to check the temperature of liquids, such as soups, to ensure that they are at an appropriate serving temperature.

Infrared thermometers from Testo: high-precision, safe and robust Temperature is surely the most frequently measured physical quantity.This IRT is accurate and is a lot of fun to just run around testing the temperatures of things.

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Infrared laser thermometers are highly accurate, useful devices that have found application in many different fields.

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This infrared gun allows cooks to take the surface temperature of foods with pinpoint accuracy. Simpl. y point the gun at the food and press the trigger--within one second, the unit provides an accurate temperature reading.This infrared thermometer by Innovak is made out of grey and black plastic.

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The MeasuPro Infrared Thermometer is a must have for HVAC professionals with everything you need.

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Featuring an easily readable LED display, this device can measure temperatures that range from 32 to 800 degrees F.An infrared will only give you the surface temperature of the food, and depending on your optical range, the temp of the surrounding grill, skillet, oven, etc.

This food thermometer is convenient because it constantly shows the temperature of the food while it is cooking.Browse online, or one of our Applications Engineers can help you choose the right product for your application.Infrared thermometers have migrated from the cold depths of the garage and workshops to find themselves as an indispensable part of the cooking process.


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